Oxford Frozen Foods Switching To Natural Gas

Oxford – Oxford Frozen Foods Ltd. is switching from Bunker C fuel to natural gas. Plans are to have it in the plant by next carrot processing season. A survey crew from Heritage Gas has plotted potential routes from the main pipeline in Roslin to the Oxford plant. Company spokesman David Hoffman says the move is primarily a cost issue. Savings by burning natural gas over Bunker C oil are significant. It’s also becoming increasingly more difficult to obtain Bunker C. It’s also an environmental issue. “We’re very environmentally aware here at Oxford Frozen Foods,” he said. “Also, our overseas customers are assessing their total reduction in their carbon footprint so they’re going to their suppliers, of which we are one.” The company is making a huge investment in this project, one that will reap significant savings. The project could also benefit Oxford residents. Oxford is one of only a few towns in Nova Scotia to have natural gas running through it. The opportunity to convert homes to natural gas will be there. Heritage Gas spokesperson Jim Bracken says his company would be delighted to connect anybody to the line. “It’s not a line we’d build if not for Oxford frozen Foods,” he said. “They’re the anchor tenant we need to make the project successful.” Plans are to begin this coming spring and is dependent on securing the necessary permits.

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