Oxford Frozen Foods’ South Canoe Wind Project Wins Contract

Oxford Frozen Foods is pleased to announce its successful bid to build and operate a 78 megawatt wind farm in the area known as South Canoe, in Southern Nova Scotia. The contract has been awarded by the REA (Renewable Electricity Administrator) in an independently run process to ensure the Province obtained the most competitive bid for renewable wind energy to help meet its green energy requirements and provide the best value for customers.

South Canoe Wind Project was awarded two of three successful contracts announced by the REA. A total of 102 MW was awarded to Oxford Frozen Foods (78 MW) and Minas Basin Pulp and Power (24 MW).

There has been exhaustive community consultation and support, environmental assessments and approval, wind assessment, and consultation with First Nations. The South Canoe land covers a 15,000 acre block, with no residents within the area. The Municipality of the District of Chester and West Hants has openly supported the project. We are looking forward to working with the local community in the construction and operating phases of the project to maximize local benefits, including ongoing staffing requirements and the benefits of a new business paying local municipal taxes. Its relative proximity to the metro Halifax area will minimize line losses and ensure maximum efficiency and utilization.

Oxford Frozen Foods has been a leader in environmental practices in both its farming and processing operations, with a strong focus on long-term land improvement and sustainability. The Company has recently installed a natural gas pipeline to its Oxford Factory to reduce its use of oil, in an effort to reduce costs, to reduce greenhouse emissions and to minimize the impact on the environment. Leading this South Canoe Wind Farm project is a further step in the Company’s demonstrated commitment to green energy, to the environment, and to its own belief in its corporate social responsibility. As a company which exports the vast majority of its products around the world, this commitment to the worldwide initiative to reduce carbon emissions will be a competitive advantage in a highly competitive marketplace, and help to sustain the access to markets for the Company’s many local growers.

Oxford Frozen Foods is the world’s largest wild blueberry company, operating out of Oxford, Hillaton and Halfway River in Nova Scotia, as well as Tracadie NB and Maine. The Company is committed to the success of the communities where it is based, as well as the Nova Scotia community as a whole. Its sister company, Eastlink, which shares this commitment, is also pleased to be a part of the delivery of the lowest possible cost green energy to its customers in the Province.