Oxford Frozen Foods One Of Canada’s Best Managed Companies

Oxford (Staff) – Oxford Frozen Foods Ltd. has been included in the 2012 Top 50 Best Managed Companies in Canada.

“It’s quite an honour,” said company co-CEO David Hoffman. “We are fortunate to have an owner in John Bragg who is totally committed to both continuously reinvesting in the business and to the long-term success of the wild blueberry industry.”

He says this national award brings recognition to the strengths of Oxford Frozen Foods, in particular the company’s dedicated and committed employees, its long term growers and customers and its unique culture.

“Our culture is driven by strong rural, family, and farming values and the mantra of always looking for a better way of doing things, of encouraging and driving innovation and of being efficient and productive while ensuring we continually improve our leadership in quality,” said Hoffman. “It’s a sense of pride we all have and to see it recognized nationally is really fulfilling.”

This designation recognizes the company as a national leader for what it does for its employees, including its new home buyer program and investing in their training.

“We continually look for more efficient ways of doing things,” he said. “We’ve always been a striving for innovation in farming and in the processing side of the wild blueberry industry and in the end that has kept us competitive.”

Oxford Frozen Foods provides farming services through its farm division, Bragg Lumber, to both company-owned and independently owned wild blueberry fields. The long term relationships with these independent growers has been forged over many years of working together, developing a mutual trust and respect which only comes with dealing with and solving problems together and always meeting commitments.

“We are proud to be a significant contributor to sustaining the rural economy in its areas of operations,” said Hoffman.

This national award, sponsored by Deloitte, CIBC, National Post, and Queen’s School of Business, recognizes Canadian companies that have first class business practices. Companies aer assessed on: strategy, capability, commitment and return on investment and in particular how they address their business challenges like globalization, new products, innovation, customer and supplier relationships and commitment to a long-term business plan including succession, retention and development of its employees.

Included in this award are the Oxford Food Group of Companies including Hillaton Foods, Peninsula Foods, Bragg Lumber, Maine Wild and Cherryfield Foods.

Weeks, C. (2013). Oxford Frozen Foods One Of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. The Oxford Journal.