Oxford Frozen Foods Limited to Welcome Nine South Korean and Vietnamese Families

OXFORD, NS – As a proud participating employer in the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program; Oxford Frozen Foods Limited is pleased to announce that we will be welcoming new employees from South Korea and Vietnam to the Oxford Frozen Foods Limited family.

The AIPP allows employers to hire skilled workers and international graduates who want to relocate to Atlantic Canada. These individuals will be granted permanent residency upon arrival. As part of the criteria for this program all applicants have to meet minimum requirements in their level of communication in English, education, and work experience.

In January 2020, Oxford Frozen Foods Limited will be welcoming nine new employees as well as their families who will all be relocating to Oxford; including 14 school aged children. To help with their transition the new employees and their families will be staying in our company owned houses for the first six months.

Immigration has become a vital source of sustainability in Atlantic Canada. We feel this group will be a great complement to our existing workforce and our community.