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Maine Wild Blueberry Co.

Purchased in 1997, the Maine Wild Blueberry Company joined the Oxford Food Group, making it part of the largest Wild Blueberry processing company in the world.

Maine Wild Blueberry Company adds additional IQF processing and cold storage capacity to our operation and manufactures our value added Wild Blueberry products, infused dried Wild Blueberries, and single strength Wild Blueberry puree.

Maine Wild is the premier supplier of quality Wild Blueberries to many countries, with a main focus on markets in the United States. Cherryfield Foods, Inc. became Maine Wild Blueberry Company's parent company in August 1997.

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Cherryfield Foods Inc.

Now the Wild Blueberry growing and processing heart of our U. S. business, Cherryfield Foods, Inc. owns and operates the largest fruit farm in North America.

Cherryfield Foods Inc., is a company with a proud history that dates back to 1866. The company was originally founded as a blueberry canning operation. since colonial days, the area of Washington county, in and around Beddington, Deblois, Cherryfield, and Columbia and in the adjacent townships north of Columbia Falls, has been famous as the source of most of the Wild Blueberries packed in Maine.

In 1962 the company led the industry with the construction of the first freezing plant in Washington County. It was the largest plant in the United States, devoted exclusively to freezing Wild Blueberries. Oxford Frozen Foods Limited of Nova Scotia, purchased the former company in 1982 and created Cherryfield Foods, Inc. Since that time the company has grown tremendously and continues its long and proud history of being the leader in the cultivation, harvesting, freezing, canning and marketing the Wild Blueberry of Maine, with markets in the United States, Europe and Asia.