Oxford Frozen Foods


We deliver the best Wild Blueberries in the world... to the world.

Wild Blueberries

Our Individually quick frozen (IQF) Wild Blueberries are prepared from sound, ripe, fresh fruit of the native blueberry bush (Vaccinium Angustifolium) that have been cleaned, de-stemmed, washed, sorted and frozen by the IQF method. For more information visit oxfordwildblueberries.com.


We are Canada's premier manufacturer of frozen carrots. For over 30 years we have been growing and processing top quality frozen carrots for the North American Market.


Our product has earned a reputation for outstanding quality and exceptional value. You are sure to appreciate the added care we take in pre-frying all of our Premium-Battered products, which preserves their unique flavours and significantly reduces your preparation time. Best of all, we only use non-hydrogenated oils (soybean or canola) in our appetizers, so there are zero grams of trans fat.

Oxford Frozen Foods is the world's largest supplier of frozen Wild Blueberries and Canada's largest processor of frozen carrot products. We also produce onion rings and a variety of battered vegetable appetizers, diced onion and diced rutabaga.
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